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Why Evergreen?

For us, Evergreen means long lasting relationships developed between people who at some point lived with us at Evergreen and the everlasting memories they create together.

If it is Evergreen it does not die.

We also see Evergreen as part of the global need to share resources and by doing so, contributing to a sustainable future. That is why we focus on sharing meals, avoid food waste and in all choices try to make conscious decisions towards an Evergreen future.

What is our vision?

Our goal is to provide what we call good homes whether you live in it for a couple of weeks or years. A good home is convenient to move into, we want to remove the troubles and time spent on looking for, transportations of and mounting furniture. We also don't want you to worry about this when you at some point move out. A good home is full of people to share life with. Eat together, share meaningful conversations, support and get supported. We balance this community lifestyle with the need to be private by offering shared spaces and private rooms. People being alone is okay when it's a choice, not when it is forced upon you by the lack of options to share.

Who are we?

Evergreen is the first provider of Coliving in Norway. We are based in Oslo where we in August of 2020 established our first Coliving building, NB5. 

At the moment we are a start up with a small team of two individuals.

Juan David Myrann


Chairperson and President of Evergreen. Juan David has a professional career in several aspects of real estate. With a bachelor in Business administration from Barcelona and MSc Real Estate investments from Cass Business school of London. Juan David has a wide network and in-depth knowledge of the Norwegian real estate market, he is a key component in our business.

Edvard Tangerås


Founder of Evergreen and COO with a professional career from the Norwegian Armed Forces. Edvard has been training individuals and built teams on several levels of the Norwegian Army. With experience from working in different teams and staffs, Edvard organizes us and pushes us to work efficiently.

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