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Please come and visit us as Storgata 37 in Oslo.


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Evergreen CoLiving is a next generation property operations management company. Evergreen delivers Convenience, Comfort, Community, and Cost Savings for our residents and guests and enhanced financial returns and exceptional service for our real estate partners. Community Living is the reinvented way of living for the modern citizen.

We have a Colving home in Oslo, Norway. The address is Storgata 37, Oslo. We call it SG37.

We have small, medum and large rooms. Small rooms are 8sqm, medium rooms are 10sqm and large rooms are 12sqm. In addition to this its the shared common spaces, which gives the resident much more space to enjoy.

At our home SG37, the bathrooms are shared by two or three people.

When you decide to live with Evergreen your home is furnished and the room clean and move-in ready, upon your arrival. The rent covers amenities such as wifi, cleaning of common spaces once a week and refill of a limited set of toilet paper and hand soaps in the bathrooms.

Minimum stay is three months. We have no lock-in period, meaning you can at any time terminate your lease. The exit period is three months. In the exit period you need to pay rent.

The Price pr. month depends on the room size, small, medium or large and can vary between our buildings. All prices are listed on our BOOKING page.

You can do self check in after 16:00 pm. We need some time to clean and make the room ready before you can move in. You will access the building, your coliving apartment and your room via your digital key on your smart phone.

At Evergreen we trust you to be a good member of the community, we therefore do not require a deposit/security. You are required to pay up front your first month upon booking. And we expect you to be on time each month with your payment, which is due the first day of each month. 

We charge an additional à konto fee of NOK 500,- pr month pr room to cover utility costs. After each month we will calculate the exact utility cost. If the exact utility cost is more than NOK 500,- , we will invoice you the excess amount. 

Welcome start kit: 1x towel, 1x pillow, 1x duvet, 1x bedsheets.

Cleaning service of your room.