Practical information NB5

  • The Address of the house
    Nordahl Bruns gate 5, 0165 Oslo, Norway
  • How to enter the building
    use your phone and download the unlock app to open the gate and the two entrance doors.
  • When you move in?
    Evergreen has self check-in as a policy. 


See map below of the floors to find your room.

  • Your room number
    If you have three digits, the first digit is your floor and the following two digits are your room’s designated number within the floor.

    if you have a 4 digit room number the two first digits are your floor and the following two digits are your your rooms designated number with in the floor

  • How many people live per floor?  First floor has 8 rooms, the second and third floor has 10 rooms each.

  • Common space in each floor
    Each floor has a common kitchen and lounge area. The kitchen comes with two dishwashers, two stoves and two refrigerators.
  • Each floor has two full bathrooms, with both showe and toilet, two toilet rooms and one shower room. In total each floor has four toilets and three showers.
  • The laundry Use the back staircase all the way to the basement. There you will find the laundry. You will need to bring your own soap. The laundry is operated on a first come first served basis.

The nearest grocery store

  • Extra Pilestredet Park, Pilestredet Park 18, 0176 Oslo
  • KIWI St. Olavs Plass, St. Olavs Plass 3, 0165 Oslo

The nearest post office
St. Olavs plass postkontor, Universitetsgata 2, 0164 Oslo

The nearest liquor outlet
Vinmonopolet Paleet, Karl Johans gate 37, 0162 Oslo

The nearest bus stop
At the corner Nordahl Bruns Gate and Ullevålsveien

The nearest metro station

The nearest airport
Oslo Gardermoen

How to treat waste
In the backyard we have two types of containers for waste.
One for mixed waste such as food and plastic waste.
And one container for ONLY paper waste.

How to treat glass disposals?
All glass disposal, including bottles not accepted to be returned to the grocery store has to be disposed of at the glass disposal containers located at Frimanns gate 26. See mark R on the map. It’s not allowed to leave your glass wasted inside the Evergreen house or outside at the Evergreen premises. If this happens Evergreen will pay for removal of this and charge the cost to the community.

What's included in the cleaning services?

What’s included in the cleaning services that Evergreen provide and whats the responsibility of the community, divided by rooms


  • Clean toilets *bleach
  • Clean sinks/taps/handle, mirrors & counters
  • Clean showers
  • Dust ceiling fans & light fixtures
  • Wash walls down with bathroom spray so no marks are left *especially by toilets
  • Clean all light switches & handles – wipe down with cleaning spray
  • Vacuum and mop floor


  • Check and clean drains after use
  • Keep bathrooms tidy and easy to clean
  • Leave the bathroom in the state you would like to find it.



  • Vacuum and mop floor
  • Clean light switches & handles – wipe down with cleaning spray
  • Mirrors & windows *clean if there are any
  • Hoover any rugs at the entrance to the apartment
    Lists, light switches, sockets
  • Dust any surface



  • Place outdoor shoes on rug by entrance, don’t walk indoor with outdoor shoes
  • Keep common spaces and hallways tidy and easy to clean
  • Leave the common spaces tidy and nice to let everyone feel at home


  • Wipe down fridge & cabinet doors with cleaning spray
  • Vacuum and mop floor *especially under kitchen cabinets and sofa.



  • Keep the counter and sink free from dirty dishes, glasses and cutlery
  • Check and clean drains after use
  • Empty dishwasher when it is done and put everything back into place
  • Sort garbage and empty bin when its full
  • Keep the kitchen tidy and easy to clean
  • Leave the kitchen in a good state, to make it nice for the next person.

House rules

The tenant must act considerately, maintain normal peace and order and treat the living space with due care. It is decided that the quiet hours are between 23:00 – 07:00 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday and Saturday the quiet hours are between 01:00 – 10:00. The tenant must follow general rules of order and reasonable orders from the landlord. Otherwise, the tenant must act in accordance with this agreement, the provisions of the Rent Act and Norwegian law in general. All violations of Norwegian law i.e. abuse, distribution or possession of any illegal drugs or substances will lead to an immediate termination of this agreement.

Regarding animals, the following has been agreed: Not allowed

Regarding smoking indoors, the following has been agreed: Not allowed

Regarding smoking in the backyard, the following has been agreed: Allowed, but cigarette butts have to be deposited in assigned ashtrays.

The tenant must follow internal rules of the Coliving community that each floor may agree on.


  1. floor name: Evergreen_01 pw: fctddk7337
  2. floor name: Evergreen_02 pw: tnmtdw7877
  3. floor name: Evergreen3 pw: 3floorrocks

What kind of consumables and quantities are included in the Evergreen rent?

Evergreen provides the following consumables per floor per month.

  • 32 Toilet papers, two per toilet per week.
  • 4 Bottles of hand soaps, one for each room with a toilet
  • 1 kitchen cleaning spray
  • 4 Hand paper rolls for the kitchen, one for each week of the month
  • 120 Dishwasher pills, four per day for 30 days

If any member of the community, a floor or several floors need more or other consumables than what’s provided, this needs to be bought at own expense.