Practical information Evergreen Storgata 37

The Address of the house 
Scroll down to the last section in this info page to find information about your address.
How to enter the building 
Use your phone and download the unloc app to open the gate to the building, the entrance doors, and your room door.
When you move in
Evergreen has self check-in as a policy. See map of the entrance doors to find the one corresponding with your apartment.

Your room number (all room doors are marked with the room number)
Your room number is a four-digit combination.
The first digit indicates the floor on which your room is located.
The second digit corresponds to the apartment number, while the remaining two digits represent your specific room number.
To provide an example, let’s consider Room 3407. In this case, the room is situated on the 3rd floor, within the 4th apartment when counting from the middle back of the courtyard in a clockwise direction. The final digit, 7, signifies that the room is the 7th one when starting from the left and proceeding clockwise towards the right.

Your apartment number (all apartments entrance doors are marked with the apartment number)
Your apartment number is the two first digit in your room number.

Common space in apartment floor

Each apartment features a shared kitchen and lounge area. The kitchen is equipped with the following  appliances, one dishwasher, one stove, one refrigerator, and one fridge. In the larger 7 and 8-room apartments, residents benefit from additional amenities, such as 2 dishwashers, 1 stove, 1 hob 2 refrigerators, 3 freezers and 1 microwave.



In the 8, 7, 5, and 4-room apartments, residents benefit from the added convenience of having a private washer and dryer located inside their individual units. This ensures that residents have exclusive access to their own laundry facilities, allowing for a more personalized and efficient laundry experience.

However, in the 3-bedroom apartments, the washer and dryer are conveniently situated within a private area of the communal staircase, designated solely for the use of the residents of that particular unit. This arrangement ensures that each unit has dedicated and private access to their own laundry facilities.


The nearest grocery

KIWI Storgata 33, 0184 Oslo (see in google maps)

Local grocery store across the street, storgata 34 B (see in google maps)


The nearest post office 

Vaterland post i butikk, Chr. Krogs gate 1, 0186 Oslo (see in google maps)

Sofienberg post i butikk, Trondheimsveien 5 A, 0560 Oslo (see in google maps)


The nearest liquor outlet

Vinmonopolet Oslo city, Stenersgata 1, 0050 Oslo (see in google maps)


The nearest bus stop

Storgata (see in google maps)


The nearest metro & railway station 

Jernbanetorget (see in google maps)


The nearest airport 

Oslo airport Gardermoen (see in google maps)


How to dispose of waste

In our backyard, we have two distinct types of waste containers carefully designated for efficient waste management.

The first container is specifically designed for mixed waste, encompassing items like food waste and plastic materials. This container ensures that these types of waste are properly segregated for appropriate disposal or recycling.


Additionally, we have a separate container solely dedicated to paper waste. This container serves as a specialized receptacle solely intended for the disposal of paper-based materials. By separating paper waste from other types of waste, we can maximize recycling efforts and contribute to a more sustainable environment.


How to dispose of glass and metal waste? 

For the proper disposal of glass and metal, including bottles that are not eligible for return to the grocery store, we have designated glass disposal containers located at Youngstorget 6 (see in google maps). To maintain a clean and organized environment, it is strictly prohibited to leave any glass and metal waste inside the Evergreen house or outside on the Evergreen premises. In the event that glass and metal waste is improperly discarded in these areas, Evergreen will take responsibility for its removal and the associated costs will be charged to the community.

 By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure the effective and responsible management of glass waste while preserving the aesthetics and cleanliness of our community.


The following summarises the cleaning services that Evergreen provides for you, and what are the responsibilities of each member of the community



  • Clean toilets 
  • Clean sinks/taps/handle, mirrors & counters 
  • Clean showers 
  • Dust ceiling fans & light fixtures  
  • Wash walls down with bathroom spray so no marks are left *especially by toilets
  • Clean all light switches & handles – wipe down with cleaning spray
  • Vacuum and mop floor


  • Vacuum and mop floor
  • Clean light switches & handles – wipe down with cleaning spray
  • Mirrors & windows *clean if there are any
  • Hoover any rugs at the entrance to the apartment
  • Lister, light switches, sockets
  • Dust any surface


  • Wipe down fridge & cabinet doors with cleaning spray
  • Vacuum and mop floor 



  • Check and clean drains after use
  • Keep bathrooms tidy and easy to clean
  • Leave the bathroom in the state you would like to find it



  • Don’t walk indoor with outdoor shoes
  • Keep common spaces and hallways tidy and easy to clean
  • Leave the common spaces tidy and nice to let everyone feel at home



  • Keep the counter and sink free from dirty dishes, glasses and cutlery
  • Check and clean drains after use
  • Empty dishwasher when it is done and put everything back into place
  • Sort garbage and empty bin when its full
  • Keep the kitchen tidy and easy to clean
  • Leave the kitchen in a good state, to make it nice for the next person


House rules 

The tenant must act considerately, maintain normal peace and order and treat the living space with due care.


It is decided that the quiet hours are between 23:00 – 07:00 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday and Saturday the quiet hours are between 01:00 – 10:00.


The tenant must follow general rules of order and reasonable orders from the Lessor. The tenant must act in accordance with this agreement, the provisions of the Rent Act and Norwegian law in general.


It’s prohibited to conduct or provide any kind of services or commercial activities from the rented room or any other area of the building.


All violations of Norwegian law for example but not limited to the use, distribution or possession of any illegal drugs or substances will lead to an immediate termination of this agreement.


Regarding animals, the following has been agreed: Not allowed


Regarding smoking indoors, the following has been agreed: Not allowed


The tenant must follow internal rules of the Coliving community that each apartment may agree on. The parties’ other obligations during the rental period, including maintenance obligations, are regulated in the Rent Act, Chapter 5.


Return of the housing space upon termination of the tenancy is regulated in the Rent Act, Chapter 10. The Rent Act can be downloaded in its entirety

on Lovdata ( or purchased in the bookstore.



Name and password on the internet box in each apartment. Please scan the QR code on the box to connect to internet.


What kind of consumables and quantities are included in the Evergreen rent?

Evergreen provides the following consumables per apartment per month. 

  • 1 big roll of toilet paper per toilet in the dispenser per week.
  • 1 Bottle of hand soap in the dispenser, one for each room with a toilet per month.


If any member of the community needs more or other consumables than those provided, these are to be bought at his or her own expense.