Terms & conditions

The Landlord

Name: Evergreen Coliving AS
Organisation number: 928 527 859
Address: Nordahl Bruns gate 5, 0165 Oslo
Telephone: +47 932 99 454
E-mail: contact@evergreenmng.com

The Property

The terms and conditions applies to the following property:

Address: Storgata 37 Gnr: 208   Bnr: 654 in Oslo municipality. Bernt Ankers gate 2 Gnr: 208 Bnr: 47 in Oslo municipality. Ebbells gate 2 Gnr: 208 Bnr: 175 in Oslo municipality

The tenancy includes following objects:

A coliving home, where the tenant has right to use his private room, and shares a common area with other residents in the apartment of which the private room belongs.

The rental object shall be used for: Ordinary living.
In addition, the tenant has the following at his disposal:

The tenants are welcome to use the backyard, but in compliance with rules and guidelines set by the owner of the property, the company Storgata Sentrum Eiendom AS org nr  988 828

Special conditions:

The rent

The rent is paid in advance before the 1st of each month.

The rent is paid to account number: 1506.72.78310 (BIC DNBANOKKXXX, IBAN NO8815067278310)

First month’s rent is due upon signing this contract.

In addition to the rent, the proportionately cost of items listed in 2.5 f) will be part of the monthly rent.

Regulation of rent:

Index adjustment

The rent will be adjusted at the first occurring month of January after the rent period has runned for 12 months after the Contract period start date.

Deposit / Guarantee


The tenant is not required to pay a deposit or provide a guarantee as security for rent due.

Duration of the tenancy

Leasing timeline

  • The tenancy starts on the contract period start date and ends without notice on the contract period end date.


  • The tenant’s notice period is three -3- months from the end of the month in which the notice is delivered. 

Rules of order

The tenant must act considerately, maintain normal peace and order and treat the living space with due care. It is decided that the quiet hours are between 23:00 – 07:00 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday and Saturday the quiet hours are between 01:00 – 10:00. The tenant must follow general rules of order and reasonable orders from the Lessor. The tenant must act in accordance with this agreement, the provisions of the Rent Act and Norwegian law in  general. It’s prohibited to conduct or provide any kind of services or commercial activities from the rented room or any other area of the building. All violations of Norwegian law for example but not limited to abuse, distribution or possession of any illegal drugs or substances will lead to an immediate termination of this agreement.


Regarding animals, the following has been agreed: Not allowed


Regarding smoking indoors, the following has been agreed: Not allowed


The tenant must follow internal rules of the Coliving community that each apartment may agree on.


The parties’ other obligations during the rental period, including maintenance obligations, are regulated in the Rent Act, Chapter 5.



Return of the housing space upon termination of the tenancy is regulated in the Rent Act, Chapter 10. The Rent Act can be downloaded in its entirety on Lovdata (www.lovdata.no) or purchased in the bookstore.



The tenant must insure their own contents (voluntarily).

Eviction / Coercive measures


The tenant accepts that eviction (forced measures) can be demanded if the rent or agreed additional benefit is not paid within 14 days after written notice in accordance with the Enforcement Act § 4-18, has been sent. The notice may be sent at the earliest on the due date, cf. same Act § 13-2, third paragraph, letter a. The rent must be paid with the addition of interest and costs, before the eviction is completed. The tenant may not file a counterclaim against the Lessor unless the counterclaim has been acknowledged by the Lessor or legally decided by judgment or settlement.


The tenant further accepts that eviction (forced measures) may be required if the rental object is not vacated when the rental period is out. For an indefinite lease, the tenant decides that a compulsory measure can be requested without legal action under the Enforcement Act § 13-2 third paragraph letter b. For a fixed-term lease agreement, the tenant decides that a forced deviation can be requested without legal action pursuant to the Enforcement Act § 13-2 third paragraph letter c.


If the tenant otherwise makes a significant breach of the lease, the Lessor may terminate the agreement, cf. the Rent Act § 9-9, and the tenant is then obliged to move out of the rental object. Compulsory measures can then also be requested according to Enforcement Act § 13-2 third paragraph letter d.

Subletting and transfer

Subletting is not allowed. According to the Rent Act. this lease is non-transferable. The tenant agrees to transfer the contract from Evergreen Coliving Bergen (the Lessor) to Storgata Sentrum Eiendom AS, organization number 988 828 262 (the Landlord), if or when this happens.

Damage to the rented property and its interior

The tenant is obliged to notify the Lessor of damage to the rented property and its interior. Damages that must be rectified without delay require the tenant to immediately notify the Lessor, cf. Section § 5-5 of the Rent Act. The Lessor are entitled to compensation for losses as a result of the tenant not fulfilling his obligations, including if the tenant damages the rented property and its interior, cf. Section § 5-8 of the Rent Act.


Hole in the wall from reckless behavior or screws and nails mounted to the wall by the tenant will be considered damage to the rented property and its interior. All damage to the common space and its interior such as, but not limited to, paintings, kitchen equipment, furniture, dishwashers, laundry machines will be considered damage to the rented property and its interior, and must be replaced by the tenants.

Venue (law)


The parties agree on the property’s permanent venue in all disputes concerning the tenancy.

Right of withdrawal

If the tenant has agreed to this agreement without a physical viewing of the property the tenant has the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days of signing this agreement.To exercise the right of withdrawal please go to https://evergreen.rent/terms-conditions/sg37 and download the right of withdrawal form which needs to be signed and submitted to the Lessor.

Final provisions

The undersigned Lessor and tenant are aware of and agree to all points in this agreement.

The tenant has been informed about the Norwegian Rent Act. The contract is signed in two copies, of which the Lessor and tenant have their own.