CoLiving, easy move-in, easy living

How does it work?

Community Living is the reinvented way of living for the modern citizen. The community is there from the second you join. Share your knowledge, experiences, draw energy and help from others when you need it and contribute when you can. All to the best of the community.

1. Discover your new home.

Browse our available homes and see if we have availability in the city of your destination. Schedule an online or in person tour of the home, hosted by the current  community manager.

2. Book and get accepted

When you decide to move in and join the Evergreen Community you can start the booking process. Provide us with information on your moving in date, length of stay and other required information. The community manager will process your booking and confirm it.

3. Sign, pay the first rent and move in

Your booking is accepted! Sign the lease digitally, pay the first month of rent and move in. The community manager will meet you at the door, Welcome!

4. The community

We onboard you into the community and let you know how things work. Our goal is to make your transition into a new country, city, neighborhood and home as seamless as possible. The community is full of resourceful people, soon to be friends and we are there to support you.

Want to join us? We’d love to welcome you into the Evergreen community. Fill out the form below to learn more.
The registration is NOT binding in any way. You will be added to our interest list so that we can follow up on your interest in Evergreen CoLiving.
“For the strength of the wolf is the pack and strength of the pack is the wolf”
Rudyard Kipling